Dyno Tuning

Let us Dyno tune your engine to maximize peak performance, horsepower and torque. All thats left for you to do is install it in your application and race and enjoy

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Complete Machine Shop Service

Boring and honing cylinders, square decking blocks, line honing and boring, crankshaft balancing and valve service. We have many more services here to accommodate your needs. Don't see what your looking for give us a call.

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Specialty Services

BHJ Tooling for Lifter bushing and Tooling for O-ringing Blocks and Heads in
the correct location  , thermal stress relieving, double pin camshafts, jet
pump repair, custom welding.

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Twin Turbo EFI 1600HP @5600RPM, 1480ftlbs Torque
Twin Turbo EFI 1600HP @5600RPM, 1480ftlbs Torque

Since 1993

Welcome to Jet Boat Bobs'

Here we offer you a one stop performance shop.

Complete performance engine building, boring, decking, crankshaft balancing, cylinder and line honing.

We can line bore your block for true performance.

We offer rod reconditioning, performance valve jobs.

Repair lifer bores or install larger lifter bore bushings.

We recommend with every engine build that we install it on a Stuska Dyno so you can see for yourself the performance and that the engine comes to you ready to race.

Jet Boat Bobs'
Jet Boat Bobs'