Align Hone

Just because you are using a new block doesn't mean the main bearing bores are concentric and the proper diameter.

Our RMC LH100 Align Hone machine ensures that your crankshaft will turn freely with the right bearing clearances.

Comec Boring and decking machine.

Boring & Decking

Deck-mounted boring bars are okay for the engine in Grandma's station wagon, but your race engines deserve better!

Our Comec AFC 170 boring and decking machine produces straight, true cylinders and decks that are flat and square.Boring


Computerized Balancing Machine

An unbalance of only 1 oz/in develops more than120lbs of out-of-balance force on your crank shaft at 8000 RPM!

Our Hines 500-CC computerized balance machine allows balancing of your rotating assembly to as little as 0.1 gram/inch tolerance.



Cylinders that are tapered, the wrong size or have the wrong wall finish can cost you horsepower.

We use a Peterson HC-1-DP Power Stroker honing machine to make them straight with the correct finish for your ring set.

Cylinder Head Repair

We have a Sunnen VGS-20 seat and guide machine and a VR 6500 valve re-facer to repair cylinder heads as needed with the valve angle for the max air flow for the best performance.


Line Boring

Winona Van Norman line bore machine for the mains and to install larger cam bores

Valve Refacing

VR 6500 valve re-facer


Next Steps...

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